Self Interests Groups or How to Confront Sin Without Attacking the Sinner

This weekend I met with a woman who was fired from the the School district along with every teacher in her district. This was a massive attempt by the School board to eliminate seniority and set new parameters with the unions. This account was the result of a two year lawsuit with the union and a last ditch effort to eliminate the issue. This doesn’t mean that the battle is over. This is surely going to be a case that is fought for years to come.
The interesting thing was how this teacher responded. Fortunately she was hired back, but without the same benefits she had before. But even she could admit that the issues the unions and board were fighting over were completely out of proportion. She knew that the policies were selfishly in the favor of monetary gain rather than quality of education, but she wasn’t going to complain that she was making good money.
I know that the education subject is a hot button, but that’s kind of why I used it as a preface for an even hotter topic.
This weekend New York State signed into law the rights for homosexuals to be married. This has been the result of a long battle. Christians obviously aren’t happy to see something that is so obviously sinful passed into law, but I am calling for Christians to be gracious in their approach to this issue.
I wrote about this before in an article titled “Mishandled – Homosexuality” and quoted some renowned men who had some great things to say about this. I’d encourage you to read that article and the articles I link to the subject.
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