Self Interest Groups or How to Confront Sin Without Attacking the Sinner (2)

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post.
How can we confront the sin without attacking the sinner?
Obviously this is going to be difficult. As Christians we have stong views on this subject. The strength of our conviction, however, can be a hinderance to getting the message out. We may win the argument, but we’ve lost an opportunity for the gospel.
This is the problem of ‘Self Interests’ Groups. Homosexuals are intersted in getting equal standing with everyone else, with having freedom to promote their way of life, and drawing attention to themselves. These are the interests that motivate them to fight. We need to ask ourselves what our interests are in fighting the issue.
Are we motivated by a strong desire to promote morality? The truth is, we are not responsible for the morality of our brothers, this nation, or the world. Unless our actions are contrary to the Word of God or we push people to sin, we are not accountable for their actions. Everyone answers to God on their own.
Are we motivated to protect our children from the grossness of this sin? I’ve noted in other articles that this can be more destructive than doing nothing. When we paint homosexuals to be the bad guy, we seriously misrepresent the gospel to our youth. I once asked a guy if he would invite an unmaried couple over to his house for dinner that was living together. He said he would. I then asked him if he would invite a homosexual couple over to his house for dinner. His honest answer was, “No.” He was afraid for his children. He didn’t want them exposed to the eronious sin. Are we afraid of promoting homosexual behavior but not afraid of promoting premarital sex? I think both of these examples are opportunities to teach our children about the remarkable power of grace and the serious need for salvation. I would rather my children have a sensitivity to share the gospel with homosexuals than for them to develope a prejudice and disgust for them.
Are we motivated to promote the gospel? This should be the driving force for everything we do. Is this worthy of the gospel? Will this allow me the opportunity to show grace and mercy to them?
So, I’m interested in hearing your reponses. How do we confront sin without attacking the sinner?
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