When Good Ideas are Poorly Executed


Today we attempted an outreach ministry into our community. Unfortunately it wasn’t very productive. Our plan was to meet with a group down at the park for some ultimate frisbee and hand out freezy pops. When it only ended up being three of us – Joshua, his wife Gina (out of the picture), and myself – we decided to just hand out the popsicles. The picture pretty much paints the picture of what it looked like. Would you let your kids eat a popsicle from these guys? Needless to say, we only handed one out.

Regardless, Joshua and I had some good discussion, especially about outreach ministries.

There is a big difference between ‘Come and See’ ministries and ‘Go and Do’ ministries. Go and do ministries, like this one, are difficult to succeed at because they depend on unforeseeable circumstances. But the issue is that without go and do ministries there will be nobody to bring to the come and see ministries.

So while we weren’t productive today, we’ve learned from our mistakes and we’ll try again soon. Next time we’ll try something a bit less creepy.

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One Response to When Good Ideas are Poorly Executed

  1. Brent says:

    I realized the same thing this week. People don’t want to be interrupted, they want to be engaged. They don’t want to be sold something, but they are more than willing to buy if they see it will make their lives better.

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