WOTG exists to… (Truth)

This is a continuation from Friday’s post as I seek to offer definition and purpose to this blog. The next few posts in this series will outline my vision.

As I mentioned before, your feedback would be appreciated.


Worthy of the Gospel exist to inform people about truth; to explain the difference between objective and subjective truth; to instruct on how to determine concrete evidence and differentiate abstract ideas; to explore how truth is perceived, received, and achieved; to encourage others to boldly interact with others holding different views in a meek and gentle approach; to help others gain knowledge, exercise wisdom, and practice discernment; to direct people to appeal to authority, live by principles, tolerate values, and dispel prejudice.

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7 Responses to WOTG exists to… (Truth)

  1. Brent says:

    Who gave you permission to publish such things?

    • Adam Miller says:

      What do you mean, who gave me permission? This is my blog. I am WOTG. When you get back, we need to explore how we can get these into lesson form and around the globe.

  2. I like it! May I suggest a slight change in wording.

    Worthy of the Gospel exists to inform people of truth. We aim to differentiate objective and subjective truth. To instruct correct methods of determining concrete evidence and differentiate abstract ideas. To explore how truth is perceived, received, and achieved. To encourage disciples to boldly interact with others who hold differing views in a meek and gentle manner. To assist others in gaining knowledge, exercising wisdom, and practicing discernment. We seek to direct people to appeal to authority, live by principles, tolerate differing values, and dispel prejudice.

    Love it that you are putting all this out there and asking for opinions and assistance. That requires a humbleness from the Lord. Praying for you as you fine-tune your writing ministry.

    • Adam Miller says:

      Thanks Jacquelyn. That’s exactly what I wanted to say. This is why I posted it in the way I did. I really could use some help in wording this. I’m more of a big ideas guy. The details sort of pull me into a different realm.

      Do you think I should address Biblical Authority in the Truth section? My next Vision is going to be on Biblical exegesis in some way (Still working it out), but I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t consider the Word of God to be authoritative truth.

      So are you going to edit my Mission Statement as well? It could use a bit of tweaking.

  3. I will edit whatever you desire for me to. I certainly don’t want to impose my editing on something that you consider “complete” or “finished.”

    I am going back to re-read last nights post. I did read it; however, I had a really difficult day yesterday. My PC crashed on Sunday and then my Mac laptop had a meltdown and lost the files for several iweb web sites. I was at the Apple store for hours yesterday trying to figure out what happened and unfortunately, they didn’t have a clue either at the Genius Bar. So, I have to either rebuild the web sites or try and convert html to a CMS based site like Joomla or WordPress.org.

    • Adam Miller says:

      Thanks Jacquelyn. You definitely are a blessing to me. I’ll send you the full work up once it’s done. That will probably help keep continuity seeing it all together.

  4. I just realized I didn’t answer you question regarding addressing Biblical authority in the Truth section. I’m not sure what your overall outline is, but I would certainly address it. I would think that addressing it in the Truth section would lend itself to assisting your definition of it as authoritative. You said that you are going to also address Biblical Exegesis. I think that maybe I would include a statement of Biblical Authority in your truth section and go into more detail in the Biblical Exegesis section.

    If you would like for me to edit your mission statement you can email it to me if you prefer or restate it on your blog.

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