Frustration at the Gas Pump

Just a little rant on gas station technology.

Has anyone else noticed the rising amount of frustration at the gas pump? And I’m not talking about the prices either. I’m talking about how slow and annoying the computer systems are at the pumps.

Perhaps it’s just because we live in a day and age where speed and technology are wed together to constantly create a much more efficient product for the consumer. It seems in this society that the oil corporations have neglected their duties at staying current with the times

Take Sunoco for instance. Nine out of ten times I use my Price Chopper Advantage card it ends up crashing the system and I have to either move to another pump or, heaven forbid, go inside to the register. Another gas station I go to makes me follow a rigorous list of on screen instructions and takes a whopping ten seconds to process each entry: please select Pay Inside or Pay at Pump. Please insert credit card. Please select payment method. Would you like a car wash with that? Are you sure? It’s a really good deal. Remove nosel. Select grade. (Loooooooong pause) Begin fueling.

When are we going to get to the poing where we can just pay with our smart phones?

*Editor’s note: I’m not really frustrated. I just find it funny that gas pumps are so far behind with the technology. Some might suggest that they do this to get more people to come inside and tempt them to buy a candy bar or pop. But I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

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