Romantic Comedies

Once again I am referencing an article from the Gospel Coalition. If you are not a subscriber to their blog, you need to be. They consistently crank out article after article that are perfectly align with my vision and values.

One of their more recent articles is a perfect example. I have been saying for years there their is a deceptive nature behind chick flicks. I don’t have anything against romantic comedies in general except that most of them are sappy and terrible representations of art that are simply designed to make the studios money off cleverly marketed ploys that consistently get the masses to turn out to the theater only to be disappointed again.

The real issue I have with rom coms is the subtle implications it makes in reshaping how women view men. Movies are not the only ones at fault here though. There are plenty of other forms that do this: soap operas, romance novels, and fashion magazines that offer surveys on how to find out if your lover is the one. Obviously, these are not authoritative in the area of anthropology.

What I love is when godly women, who share my concerns, articulate these dangers. I hope you are as encouraged as I was in this article by Betsy Hart entitled Beware Romantic Pornography. Notice I avoided the obviously provocative subject title.

“In a symptom of what’s going on in the culture at large, “rom coms” and many television sitcoms denigrate such traits such as aggression, competitiveness, a certain amount of stoicism, and even the desire to protect and care for a woman.”

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