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When Worship Becomes Manufactured

Tithing has always been an issue of conflict within me. There are a lot of awful articles out there written about giving that look at the act as a sort of sacrament where God’s blessing is reserved for those who … Continue reading

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“Insert Provocative Subject Title Here”

It seems that yesterday’s post got a lot of hits (Even with a typo in the title), but no one felt the need to comment on it. I guess I can’t be surprised. People are attracted to provocative arguments, but … Continue reading

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Partying with Prostitutes for the Sake of the Gospel

Can you imagine it? Christians hanging out with prostitutes? When I was in Scranton, PA there was a church that was known to be hospitable to prostitutes, by which I mean they attended their services. It may have just been … Continue reading

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WOTG exists to… (Truth)

This is a continuation from Friday’s post as I seek to offer definition and purpose to this blog. The next few posts in this series will outline my vision. As I mentioned before, your feedback would be appreciated. Truth Worthy … Continue reading

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What is Cultural Relevance?

In this article, Clint Archer tells an interestingly humorous story of his encounter with John Piper when he asked him about his relationship with both John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll. Now these guys do not get along. MacArthur has publicly … Continue reading

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