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Redeeming Halloween

Every year at this time, Americans start to prepare for mass solicitation. Kids put on their best costumes, parents buy tons of candy, and both walk door to door asking for sugary sweets. Apart from cavities and obesity, some Christians … Continue reading

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The Reason Youth are Abandoning the Church (Principles #3 and #4)

One of the reasons I believe we are losing so many young people in the church today is because they don’t feel entrusted, engaged, or encouraged. There are no peers set up as leaders. Instead they are discredited, scolded, and … Continue reading

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Assurance of Salvation

Today I had the opportunity to go on the air for the first time with Dr. John DeBrine. You can check out the program online at On the program today we addressed some letters and questions. One of them … Continue reading

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The Reason Society is Corrupt (Principle #2)

Let’s face it, society is evil and corrupt. How did it get this way? America was founded on biblical principles. Right? When did we lose control? Those are some tough questions to ask, but when we look at judges we … Continue reading

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What Causes Generational Differences?

There are (at least) three different causes to the differences from generation to generation. Each one of these distinctives is like a new language. While it is possible for an older generation to learn a new language, they will never … Continue reading

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