God Wants to be Involved in Car Shopping

Let me introduce you to Queen Victoria II. I’m just calling her Victoria for short.

Genevieve Buried in the Snow of NY

Since I was working at a car dealership before I left New York, I had a demo car to get myself around. It’s been a while now since I had to put my Genevieve down. She was my ’97 Ford Escort which died before her time at just 197,000 miles. It was a sad day when I had to put her down, but I got $200 for her. I originally payed $1,400 for her, and in the three years I had her I only put about $600 into her in repairs. Subtract the $200 and divide it by 36 months and I only paid about $50 a month for her. Now that’s a manageable care payment.

When I moved out to the Cape I had to purchase a vehicle, and fast. Kristen brought me down in her car and I only had two days, Saturday and Sunday, to find my own transportation. Unfortunately most of the dealerships were closed on Saturday by the time we got here and nothing was open on Sunday. That left Craigslist and personally owned vehicles. I had a very strict criteria, I wanted a wagon with A/C and cruise control. Fortunately I found a nice deal for a ’99 Saab. After meeting the owner, Alex, and driving the car, I was sold. Alex was a meticulous owner who loved his car and took excellent car of her, but had to move back to Romania and as a result needed to sell his car.

I believe it’s never a good deal unless you talk the seller down, so I got him to sell it to me for just $2000. Since it was Sunday and the Registry was closed, we had to wait until Monday to change the title over. So Monday when we met I got to drive the car to the registry and she drove smoothly. Then after getting everything worked out and dropping Alex off, I headed off to the place where I was staying, not even fifteen minutes away. Right as I was turning onto the street, just seconds away from my destination, the serpentine belt broke.

I was in an utter panic. I don’t know a lot about the mechanics of a car and I didn’t know what to do. If this was wrong, what else could be wrong with it. I just spent $2000 on a lemon. My heart was broken. I was so confident in myself and my knowledge of car buying. Was this a sign that I was in over my head? Maybe I shouldn’t have moved out to Cape Cod. What was I getting myself into?

After praying and talking to Kristen, I was encouraged to call Alex. Legally he had no obligation to even talk to me. I had already registered the car in my name and signed a document that I was buying it “as is.”

Alex was amazing. He offered to pay for everything and helped me get the car fixed. So, while I was without a car for a few days, John DeBrine rented me a vehicle until my car was fixed.

After sitting down and discussing the events as they unfolded, John and I both agreed that God was trying to show me that He wants to be involved when we buy cars. It wasn’t enough that I felt confident I was getting a good deal because you can never anticipate what might happen. John says, “When you can explain it, God wasn’t in it.”

This reminded me of my favorite verse.

“But without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Hebrews 11:6

The truth is, I was buying this car based on experience and knowledge. Then when it turned out to be a failure, I blamed God for the bad luck. I lost all my confidence that I was in God’s will, and I wanted to give up. I wasn’t functioning in faith.

God wants to be involved in the little things. He wants us to trust Him even when we feel we have enough experience and knowledge ourselves. Sometimes when we don’t start with faith, God has to remind us by putting a pothole in the road.

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7 Responses to God Wants to be Involved in Car Shopping

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  2. Love this testimony and so very true. I love the quote from your friend., “if you can explain it, God wasn’t in it.” That is so true as well. So glad you shared this story.

  3. Desiree says:

    Maybe that is why it is called a “serpent”ine belt! Mom

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