God Wants to be Involved in Choosing Apartments

In moving out to Cape Cod, I had a week to do two things: I had to buy a car, which I wrote about yesterday, and I had to find an apartment. I was very fortunate to have a place to stay for the week with a wonderful lady who lent me her home while she was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Living in Syracuse, NY the cost of living was about $500 a month. And that was in the ghetto of the west side. It was a small apartment but I don’t require much. When I started looking into apartments on the Cape, the average was $1000 a month plus utilities. I couldn’t even fathom how I was going to get an affordable place in such a short time frame.

Then a listener of the Songtime program called in and said that she had a second home, but she didn’t want to sell it or rent it out because she wanted to use it for ministry. With no idea about my circumstances, she asked our office manager if she knew anyone in need of housing that was in the ministry.

The apartment is a three bedroom house in a nice area on the cape. It’s fully furnished, and there is already a youth pastor living there. He has been living there for three months and he’s only paid one electric bill. They invited me to move into the apartment and we worked out a rental agreement at only $400 a month each. That’s less than I was paying when I was in Syracuse in the ghetto. Now I have a three bedroom house, a roommate, and a yard for MacGyver. The owner even wants to put in a fence for MacGyver.

Just as Dr. DeBrine said before, “If you can explain it, God didn’t do it!” So am I confident that this was a work of the LORD.

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2 Responses to God Wants to be Involved in Choosing Apartments

  1. Hello Adam, yes indeed, when We give it to God, when we really leave it to him, he does things. And. When he does things, its always things that no one could do. Just to show his power and Glory. Have a nice and blessed day.

  2. Brent says:

    Praise God! Glad to hear it is working out for you. (Start tagging your posts)

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