Adventures in Cape Cod

Lately, the LORD has been teaching me the value of trusting in Him. Since moving out to Cape Cod he has provided me with a car, an apartment, and a roommate.

My job has been an amazing learning experience. It’s exactly what I needed to cultivate my vision and dream to create a doctrinal teaching ministry that will offer solid theology, develop discernment, and implement godly principles to a nebulous generation.

Some of the more resent occurances in my life have just been either funny or encouraging.

Here is MacGyver in a new chair I got for free from a lady just around the block from my new apartment. I really wanted a recliner that I could read in at night. I’m not a fan of reading laying down on the bed, and most of the chairs we had in the house just weren’t very comfortable. I was looking on Craig’s list for something under $200, but most of what I saw was either nasty or questionable (and expensive). Then I came across this chair that was offered for free. When I called to find out why she was giving it away she said it was because she was too old and weak to put the leg rest down anymore. The chair was in excellent condition, clean, and a color that wasn’t revolting. Plus MacGyver seems to like it.

Here is another picture of MacGyver in our yard. If you look closely you’ll see the cat in the tree. We have a lot of visitors to our front yard forest. There are probably 20 trees in our front yard alone. Hopefully my roommate and I will be able to do a little bit of landscaping to clean it up a bit.

Thanks for your prayers. Keep praying that I integrate into my new job well and that I will make strong connections with people on the Cape.

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