Redeeming Halloween

Every year at this time, Americans start to prepare for mass solicitation. Kids put on their best costumes, parents buy tons of candy, and both walk door to door asking for sugary sweets. Apart from cavities and obesity, some Christians would suggest that there are evils behind this long-lasting American tradition.

Christians respond to Halloween in a diversity of ways. So wether you are participating, ignoring, or protesting this American tradition, you probably have a strong opinion about Halloween.

The Trick-r-Treaters

This group of Christians doesn’t see any problem with a perfectly normal tradition where cavities are the only natural consequences. Surely they’ve heard sermons about it, but they just don’t see the problem with meeting their neighbors for a candy exchange.

Once they grow up a bit, they might hold their own themed costume parties. Dressed as the characters from a Hollywood Blockbuster, they exchange dialogue in character before sitting down to watch a scary movie.

The Trickers and Re-treaters

These Christians are the ones who lock their doors and turn of the lights hoping they don’t get egged. Tricking the solicitors into thinking that no one is home, they retreat into the basement and watch some wholesome movies over the sound of their doorbell’s constant ringing.

The Fall Fun Fare is another way for these Christians to retreat from the pagan rituals while satisfying their own cravings for a sugar fix. Flocking to their churches they hold their own, completely unrelated, costume party where they can win candy for participating in games and activities.

The Truth-n-Tracters

This group of Christians sees it as their responsibility to inform everyone about the truth behind Halloween; steeped in pagan practices and animal sacrifices. They warn neighbors with cats to keep an eye on their furry friends and show infomercials of the worst possible scenarios that could happen on Halloween.

They spends their holiday stocking up on chick-tracts that talk about the horrors of demons and offer these paper goodies as a substitute for the ‘Turkish Delights’ most kids are looking for. When asked if they have anything better they use that as an opportunity to share the gospel.

There seems to be some disagreement on the issue of Halloween among Christians today. Who is right? What is the big deal? Are there factors Christians should be aware of? Should there be one response among all mature Christians to Halloween, or is there room for disagreement? Is October 31 redeemable for the glory of God, or is it lost to satan?

This week I’m going to be addressing the paradox of two opinions. Hopefully, we as Christians can look at this diversity of thought with some discernment and come to some very important conclusions about ourselves.

For kicks and giggles, I thought I’d include a few Chick Tract samples I found on the web… (I do NOT indorse the use of these tracts!!!)

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