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A Vision for the Aging Church – Review

The differences between the oldest generations and the up-and-comers today are astronomical. More so than any time in history. The young adults who are leading the way in society today are nothing like their grandparents. At least two factors have … Continue reading

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Accuracy, Intimacy, and Action

I have found, in my limited time in ministry (though I’ve ministered in hundreds of churches) that there are really three types of people in the world: Thinkers, Feelers, and Doers. The tendencies of people are often manifested in one … Continue reading

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A Christian Balancing Act

The Christian life is not cut and dry or black and white. There are a lot of factors that play into a believer’s walk with Christ. Because there are so many variables, the Christian experience is going to be very different … Continue reading

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Integrated Theology: Love

Everyone appreciates being loved. The media uses love as one of their main selling points: Chick Flicks, Love Songs, and Soap Operas. Even the Beatles, who revolutionized our culture, had a song titled “All You Need Is Love.” The world … Continue reading

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Factory Christian Education

Here is another post from Brent Sears on education. You can check out his last post here. Many Christians look down on relavent systems that are modeled after the world, when in reality, a lot of the staples we consider … Continue reading

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