Everyone has inconsistencies. My parents wouldn’t let me listen to Contemporary Christian Music growing up but I was allowed to listen to the oldies. As long as it wasn’t new, and the artists didn’t have long hair, I was good. My twelve year old sister, however, has it much easier than I did.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary. I like bluegrass and hate country music. We all have our reasons for being contrary, but have you ever thought about how this affects you?

This week’s theme was the Paradox of Two Opinions. Sure, it’s easy to recognize when you pit two opposing forces up against each other; Republican vs. Democrat, Homeschooler vs. Public Schooler, etc, but how does it look when the opposing forces are in the same person?

It’s usually unexplainable, and when you point it out, the victim usually finds some way to divert the overall weight of incoherence to a simple metaphor. That’s what a paradox is, I guess.

What it really comes down to is an individuals ability to look into themselves and wrestle with truth. Most people can’t do this because they’ve never been taught to look into a proverbial mirror. We’re preached at, lectured, and devotionaled them into fitting a mold. For most people it doesn’t even throw up a warning sign that two of the molds they’ve conformed to are in complete opposition to each other.

When I lived in the Adirondacks I used to see teens wearing Gothic black with cowboy boots and a fishing hat. It always struck me as funny, but now it just stands as a testament of our inability to perceive inconsistencies.

There are several great books I’ve read that delve into this; Freakonomics, The Believing Brain, and Six Political Illusions. They’re not Christian books, and I wouldn’t recommend the second one to the average reader, but for the most part they challenge the way we think about ourselves and our perceptions of the world around us. Christians could use more of that as a sharp contrast to the cookie cutter devotionals we tend to espouse.

One of my major inconsistencies is my views on politics. I hate politics, but I love talking about my political opinions. I just can’t let a political topic get by me without putting my two cents in. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t want to hear your views on the issues, I just want to tell you what I think. While I feel torn from participating in politics, I still find a way to get wrap up in them.

Perhaps our inconsistencies are more consistent than we realize. 

So what are some inconsistencies in your own life? I told you about mine, It’s only polite that you tell me about yours.

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