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Week in Review and a Happy New Year

In lue of the end of the year, this has been a great week to look over some of the more popular posts on WOTG. New Year’s Eve always presents a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the … Continue reading

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Weak in the Faith, Strong on the Law

The most popular series on WOTG in 2011 has been the five part exposition I did on Romans 14 as part of my Mishandled series entitled The Weaker Brother, The Weaker Brother part 2, Opinions, Stumbling block, and The Bigger Person. Seeing … Continue reading

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The most provocative subject material of 2011 on WOTG was my article on homosexuality.  This was part of a series entitled Mishandeld where I dealt with several topics that Christians have typically misrepresented. Obviously, this is a hotbed of diversive positions across political parties, but it … Continue reading

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Radical and Crazy Love – A Re-review

The most popular book that I have reviewed so far on WOTG has been Radical by David Platt. Within that review I also gave my thoughts on Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I wish the most popular review would have … Continue reading

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Prejudice and the Truth Paradigm

The most popular theme that has received the most hits on WOTG is ‘Prejudice.’ I only wrote about this once in a post called Prejudice – An Introduction, but it still gets the most hits. Mostly from search engines where … Continue reading

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