Week in Review

The topic for the past two weeks has been “Answering Questions Young Adults Ask.”

Many young adults have a lot of questions, yet they are being told to just Keep the Faith. Unsatisfied with this response they are going elsewhere to find their answers. It is vital that we start up dialog with these contemporary leaders who have doubts in the system and traditions already set in place. This is not an affront on our faith, it is a healthy questioning of our practices that can lead to a much more healthy faith.

Here are some of the questions we answered

Wednesdays are dedicated to book reviews. Here are the two books we have reviewed recently.

The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer

80% of my quotes come from this book. I read it once a month. While I may disagree on some points with Tozer Orthodoxically, I cannot read this book without worshiping God. Though written over 70 years ago, this book deals with the most relevant issues of our day: holding orthodoxy over intimacy, teachers doing the work of the gospel for their pupils, and information, consumerism, and pride getting in the way of sanctification. The pursuit of God is written to entice the believer to seek hard after God. That theme is at the center of everything we write here at WOTG. This is an essential read for every believer and out to be studied.

You Lost Me By David Kinnaman

The most pressing issue facing the church of our day is the absence of young adults in church. Kinnaman, the president of Barna, offers the most concise description of a the younger generations and explains why young Christians are leaving the church and rethinking their faith. While there are a lot of books about the generational differences, this is the number one authority on why they are the way they are and what we can do to start communicating with them. Kinnaman is very generous to include a wide breadth of Christians and Christian types as well as some very loose conceptions of faith, but this book is still the best one out there on the topic.

Also, make sure to check back every Sunday for a Sermonette – Short expositions of Scripture.

I Can Do All Things – Philippians 4:13

Be Anxious In Nothing – Philippians 4:6

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