I Need Your Help

I want to hear from you what your nonnegotiables are in politics. Where your faith and politics collide.

  • What are the major issues and platforms that you hold to which determine how you vote?
  • What is the source that you turn to in order to make your convictions?

It doesn’t have to be an essay, there won’t be any debating going on. This is just a pursuit of inquiry so that I can learn and grow. I’m working on a week of dealing with these issues, and your thoughts would greatly help. 

You can direct message me or leave your thoughts as a comment below. 

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8 Responses to I Need Your Help

  1. Nate says:

    The below list is simple and in no way explores the depth or implications of these non-negotiables. I base most (if not all) of my non-negotiables on Biblical Law, esp. Leviticus & Deuteronomy in view of the Gentile church and the words of Christ in the Gospels. Further informed through study of the Austrian School of Economics.

    On Law:
    Protection of Private Property Rights – ownership should be clearly defined and not shared among individuals. To add: ownership is not yet clearly defined, so the definition is still open to debate. I currently stand that individuals own their body, parents are the trustees of their children, individuals begin at conception, and intangibles cannot be owned.

    Contracts should be kept.

    No one has the right to trespass on the right of another.

    On Leadership:
    Government exists to settle disputes.

    Liberty, as opposed to Security, is both key to Christian Faith and should be central to Public Policy.

    Lives and speaks exemplary of ideal American Life and Character. This includes the classic virtues, persistent optimism, unwillingness to compromise, and adventurous life.

    At the risk of saying it twice, Humility.

  2. Dan says:

    I use two primary factors to help me decide what politicians to vote for. Of course there are many other considerations but these two are a must for me.
    1) They must genuinely adhere to the constitution when voting on capitol hill. George Washington said that we are a nation of Laws not of men and I believe that.
    2) They must be for & vote for smaller government. This principle is huge for me. There is wisdom by diversifying in business as well as in government. The bigger the government gets the more singularly daunting their power becomes. As they say “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    Apart from that I fluctuate on many social issues from libertarian to moderate conservative depending on the circumstances. If your looking for something in particular let me know, and we can chat.

    • Adam Miller says:

      Thanks Dan for posting your two essentials. Are there any moral issues that affect your decision making or is it primarily party line issues? The reason I’m asking is not to approach the discussion with a philosophical argument, but a moral one. Are there at least five issues that require you to choose your party lines?

  3. Dan says:

    Let me start by saying that the hole party thing ticks me off. I will almost always vote on the republican side of the issue, however that is like saying I’ll take a bullet to the foot instead of the temple. I think the parties should be abolished. There is too much power involved in the party system to be effective & moral. Anyways, to answer your question yes there are some moral issues. However I generally believe that as much as possible the government should stay out of the moral issues. I’ll list my issues first then explain what I meant by that last statement.

    1) Abortion – Must be against. I can’t in good conscience vote for anyone that is for it unless I have no other choice.
    2) Infant Stem Cell Research – Must be against. This is mostly because they harvest the stem cell’s from aborted babies. Moreover the research has produced next to nothing while adult stem cell research is producing results left and right.
    3) Welfare – Must be for dramatically limiting or removing it all together. The longer someone is on welfare the more comfortable they get with it and it saps their will to work. It degrades peoples work ethic and causes them to be ungrateful & demanding.
    4) Adoption & Charitable Giving – Must be for easing the processes. The government as of late is making it harder for people & businesses to be charitable. It’s too expensive to adopt for the normal family and children are paying for it. The fed is cracking down on charities lately and trying to co opt those services into quasi government agencies. By removing peoples ability to be charitable we are degrading the communities and the moral fiber of our people.
    5) Government Funding or Stimulus – At first this doesn’t seem like a moral issue I know but hear me out. By unnaturally inflating economies with government infused cash it doesn’t allow that community to struggle. God gives us storms and trials to strengthen us and train us for the future. The same is true of local economic communities. Without those financial trials the community can’t grow in character. It’s like the government is a parent that never let’s their children cities make mistakes or fail. Our communities are becoming spoiled.

    What I meant by the government should stay out of the moral issues…
    Most people don’t like my position on this but this is kind of where I swing libertarian a little bit. I believe that if it’s your body and you aren’t harming anyone else then the government should stay out of it. It’s not their place to intervene. I base this on how God handles salvation. He doesn’t force us to do what he knows is best for us (and that’s with eternal hell on the line I might add). He lets us choose. The same should apply for the governments involvement in yours and my personal life. This includes issues like marriage and drug use. Marriage is a tricky one only because it’s completely entangled with the legal issues. Overall I believe that government should stay out of my personal decisions unless my decisions are infringing on the rights of others (i.e. murder). The only exception I find even remotely acceptable to this is if a LARGE community as a hole is being negatively affected. (i.e. putting up a casino, however even this should be done by the state at most. It is never the fed’s job and it should be done very rarely if at all by the state).

    • Adam Miller says:

      Thanks Dan,

      That is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for availing yourself to my research.

      I’ll let you know when I post my articles on the topic some time in January. I’m going to ask that you help keep me balanced and point out anything you deem unbalanced or off course.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi Adam….Haven’t forgot about you….just haven’t had a chance to sit and do this! Very busy working for my local US Congressional Representative Ann Marie Buerkle. Be back soon!

    • Adam Miller says:

      Great. Thanks Cheryl. I’m in the process of drafting my articles on Christians and Politics right now. They’re slated for the week of the 23rd. I’d still appreciate your insight.

      If you haven’t submitted your name for the giveaway, be sure to do that as well.

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