Week in Review

This week we looked at the life of A.W. Tozer and particularly his book The Pursuit of God.

We looked at the first four chapters in this weeks posts…

1. Following Hard After God
2. The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing
3. Removing the Veil
4. Apprehending God

We also reviewed a biography of Aiden Wilson Tozer by Lyle Dorsett

The book, titled A Passion For God, begins by showing Aiden’s humble beginnings and takes us to his lonely conversion. One thing that is remarkably true about Tozer is, midst a vibrant ministry, he felt incredibly alone. Through all of the hardships and accomplishments of his life, Tozer felt that there were few who understood him and there wasn’t much companionship in following after Christ. Keep reading the review here.

Also, make sure to check in with this Sunday’s Sermonette: You’re A Piece of Work.


I hope you will take the time and read through The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.
We have made it available for you to read online here.

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God bless.

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