The most provocative subject material of 2011 on WOTG was my article on homosexuality.  This was part of a series entitled Mishandeld where I dealt with several topics that Christians have typically misrepresented.

Obviously, this is a hotbed of diversive positions across political parties, but it also gains tremendous coverage in the church today. I’ve heard far more expositions of Romans 1:27 than say Matthew 19:8-9 and yet they usually distort both passages. Now pastors who preach adamantly about homosexuality say they are being faithful to the Word of God to call sin what it is, but they often are so unbalanced that they neglect the weightier things (Matthew 23:23) to preach to the choir. I’m not defending homosexuality, the Bible calls it sin, but I am trying to emphasize how we have lofted ourselves over the very people we are supposed to be reaching with a gospel of love and peace.

The question of whether or not homosexuality is a sin should not be in question for those who have a high view of Scripture. But many Christians want to debate with culture to convince them that it is a sin. This approach is unbalanced because we don’t debate with them to convince them that divorce is also a sin, that lying is an abomination, and that we are supposed to be repaying our enemies with good and not evil. Instead we section out homosexuality as a cause for debate.

Unlike some evangelistic strategies, we don’t need to convince the believer that homosexuality is a sin but instead that they are a sinner in need of a savior. We will never gain ground with a depraved mind in a debate over morality. 

The question of whether someone is ‘born this way’ is not worth debating. The truth about homosexuality is that it is a sin just like any other sin. Everyone is born with sin. It is part of our human nature. We are all depraved. Why Christians feel the need to convince the public that it is a choice is beyond my comprehension. The sin of homosexuality is as much a part of some people as your insatiable need to lie, look at porn, or steal. Some people feel so in bondage to their sin that they actually feel that it is a part of them.

We are not helping the individual that struggles with this sin to have victory over it if all they hear is how awful they are. Some people are so riddled with guilt of their sin that they are driven to find those who will support it and not judge them. We, the Christian community, have created the problem of homosexuality being accepted in society by driving people into deeper guilt of their sin rather than providing them with healing and redemption.

Another evil we have generated from our over-emphasis on the sin of homosexuality is that we have discredited ourselves as teachers of our children. The youth that grow up hearing how evil and wicked homosexuals are will quickly throw out these teachings the moment they meet a kind and considerate homosexual.

If you don’t think that you have a prejudice against homosexuals, ask yourself this question. Would you invite your neighbor over for dinner with your family and allow him to bring his live in girlfriend? Everyone I have every asked that question has said yes. Now, would you invite your next door neighbor over for dinner with your family if he had a live in boyfriend? Everyone who has said ‘yes’ to the first question has said ‘no’ to the second.

This is a perfect example of the model we are setting for our youth. They see us treat them as second rate citizens and they grow up to carry that prejudice or reject us as ignorant. Either way, the product of our actions results in a wrong response. Many well meaning parents are poisoning the minds of their children when teaching them about homosexuality because they are allowing their prejudices to influence them over truth. The youth are starting to realize that we have mishandled how we treat homosexuals and instead of going to the truth of Scripture to shape their understanding, they are appealing to culture. Remember, we have caused this outcome.

While I could go on with this topic for probably another 2,000 words, I feel confident that my previous article is still relevant and suitable to be read. You can continue reading on this subject here.

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