Week in Review and a Happy New Year

In lue of the end of the year, this has been a great week to look over some of the more popular posts on WOTG. New Year’s Eve always presents a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the previous year. Looking back has been an inspiration to me to think of where I started and where I’ve come. Thanks for all your encouragement along the way, and I look forward to sharing with you in the future.

Here are the posts that you might have missed from this week.

Sunday’s Sermonette was all about Christmas and the Incarnation. Why would Christ humiliate Himself for us?

Tuesday we looked back on the most popular post of 2011. Check out my thoughts on Prejudice and the Truth Paradigm. I’d love to hear your feedback. 

Wednesday we Re-reviewed Radical by David Platt and Crazy Love by Francis Chan with a warning to understand the differences of asceticism and renunciation. 

Thursday we looked at the most provocative topic thus far in 2011 – Homosexuality. How are we to think about it and how should we respond? 

Friday we looked at one of the series I commonly discuss on WOTG in: Spiritual Maturity, and particularly the aspect of the weaker brother from Romans 14.

As I look to next year I am excited about the potential and opportunities. You’ll get to hear more from Brent and Trevor in the weeks to come with other opportunities to win giveaways.

You can be a help to us here at WOTG by sharing posts, following us on twitter, liking our Facebook page, and adding to the discussion. 

May God bless you in the year to come.

Adam Miller

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