Recap On the Church

There is a great need today for healthy discussion on what the Bible says about the church. But it must fall under the auspices of the authority of God’s Word. It appears that most churches today either follow a business model, bad theology, philosophical exemptions, or power hungry leaders.

The church is the Body of Christ. It is His physical presence on earth today and represents His will. It is a unique institution that is unlike any form of government, and frankly wouldn’t work as in state policy. It is filled with believers and therefore represents a unity that exists only as a result of the authority of the Word of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

It’s about time we had an ecclesiastical reformation. That is why I would like to call for someone to write down the 99 theses of the church. Unfortunately, people don’t have a very good foundation for understanding Scripture and the average Christian is not discerning enough to see past there prejudices to what is biblically definitive. Therefore, if anyone today attempted to write the 99 theses of the church, it would probably include a lot of unnecessary details that are biblically unfounded. In addition, even the most thorough theologians would have a hard time today answering to a contemporary Luther even if he was able to develop a definitive argument.

That is why all next week we will be addressing propped Bible study methods. Hopefully we will be able to conjure up an atmosphere of people who are more discerning and able to determine wrong from right. Building on the Authority of God’s Word.

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2 Responses to Recap On the Church

  1. Brent says:

    Write the 99 Thesis yourself…call it your manifesto. You know what’s wrong, so call it out. Even if you don’t publish it publicly (yet) you will have shipped something important. Keep writing! The generation of the revolution, and the ones threatened by it, need to hear what you have to say.

    • Adam Miller says:

      Well, I still have a lot to learn, but as I develop I gain more insight into what I can know for sure and what my own prejudices have blinded me on in the past. I think that one of the ground works that needs to be laid is the foundation of how do we study, comprehend, and discern the Word of God.

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