The Problem With Bad Bible Study Methods

The more I try to ascertain what is wrong with the world, the church, and believers in it, the more I come back to this predicament: THE BIBLE IS NOT BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY! 

Now beyond that, there are other problems:

  • People haven’t been taught how to actually think
  • Discernment is an anomaly among God’s people
  • The average Bible study methods usually result in bad exegesis
  • Everyone without actually studying has an opinion on the subject
  • People are more likely to trust their experiences and prejudices than accept that they were wrong. 

All of this leads us here at WOTG to wonder if any of this is even worth the effort. We definitely don’t want to just add to the noise. We want to provide a solid foundation. We certainly don’t want to do the work of seeking the Lord for anyone. Our hero, Tozer, would not be very proud of that. We want to create an atmosphere that cultivates Christians who take after the Bereans – who are able to really wrestle with the complex principles of God’s Word and discover truths for themselves.

That is why we are going to dedicate our efforts to studying the science of studying. We’re going to explore how to develop a proper Bible study method. We’re going to challenge each other to get more out of our quite time and Scripture reading. We’re not going to settle for the milk of reading the Bible and putting it out of our mind as we go throughout the day. We’re going to do the hard work of working out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

I hope you’re still with me. I hope you are committed to getting the basics of Bible study methods right. I want to invite you to work through this with me. At the chance that you’re still reading, I want to encourage you to add to the discussion. Correct us when we get off course. Struggle with us as we try to understand a text. Challenge your preconceived notions and sinful prejudices. Start conversations with your friends, family, and church leaders. Let’s get back to what we ought to have done all along: discerning the will of God through His Word.

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