Eye to Eye – A Book Review for the Burn Pile

Conspiracy theories seem to be a predominate fad that has permeated just about every frame of reference. Perhaps it was the 9/11 conspiracies that laid the framework in the minds of a generation, but there have always been instances where people have believed the absurd and unfounded arguments of certifiable wackos.

What I mean by ‘conspiracy theories’ is the logical fallacy of taking two facts that are unrelated and connecting them in such a way to prove a relationship. What makes this a logical fallacy is the fact that there is absolutely no definitive evidence or proof of their correlation. While this problem is prominent in secular culture, it has crept into the Christians frame of reference with an even more catastrophic affect by passing itself off as somehow supported by Scripture.

Eye to Eye by William Koenig is a perfect example of this sort of logical fallacy. The book attempts to chronologically follow the actions of American leaders, including George W. Bush, who did something to jeopardize the Jewish stake in Israel, corresponding with natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and economic blunders that have affected the US. The book is riddled with logical fallacies motivated by an absurd perspective of the Bible and worldview. Beyond that, it is so boring to read, I couldn’t bare to finish it. But I didn’t have to. Every page is filled with a false premise. Conclusion: Burn it, don’t read it!

Lately I have heard people recommend this book, or books like it, suggesting that it contains “shocking revelations,” while the only thing shocking is how gullible people are to accept the arguments without engaging critical thinking. We have come to a place in our Christian culture where we are more likely to accept emotionally charged rhetoric rather than study for ourselves. Beyond that, those who attempt to study for themselves are bombarded by books like this one and a wealth of teachers who are nothing more than fools with degrees. All of this has laid the foundation for a generation that is exactly as Paul describes in II Timothy 3-4. People, in general, are no longer discerning enough to navigate the tumultuous waters of society and the jagged rocks of logical fallacies. Allow me to address this issue with the hope that you will be alert enough to hear the warning and take precautionary actions to avoid the perilous doom of unrestrained arguments.

Why Are These Books Popular? 

The reason these books are so popular is because they follow a mainstream tactic that has subconsciously become a natural frame of references, and it fuels off of emotionally charged rhetoric, not logic. Conservative American Christians have strong feelings about the nation of Israel. So strong, in fact, it can be hard to figure out what is motivating their feelings: culture or the Bible.

Here Are the Facts
#1 – Israel (the people, not the nation) was give a covenant and a land. Several times God has taken Israel out of that land and God has used Israel’s enemies as a means of judging His people. There is no biblical promise suggesting that Israel should be occupying the land today.
#2 – Israel (the nation, not the people) is an ally to the US (not Christians). This alliance is critical for control in the Middle-East and relates to America’s economics and foreign relations.
#3 – American policies have restricted Israel more than they have helped Israel. Our foreign policies (which Christians think are somehow spiritual) are about maintaining power and control over our allies while appeasing our enemies. The are not actually concerned with protecting Israel’s national or spiritual interests.
#4 – Israel is more than equipped to protect themselves. The only thing the American government needs to do is back of and support them.
#5 – If God wanted peace in Israel, He would have given it to them. It is obvious that God has something important going on in His sovereign control over the Middle-East that many American leaders and Christians seem to want to interfere with.

Why Are These Books Dangerous?

These books are primarily dangerous because Christians today are very easily misled. As a result of a failed education system, the dawn of the information age, a poor attempt on Christian leaders to teach discernment, and an overall laziness among the average Christian, most believers are incapable of handling complex ideas. Most Christians don’t even know how to navigate through all of the deception to find the truth anymore. Basically, we have created a society of people who can’t think for themselves and now they’re writing books.

I get dozens of books a month and I would wager that most of them are built on either weak logic or a false premise. Accuracy is no longer a pursuit. Readers don’t have an appetite for meaty books anymore. The books that Christians should be reading don’t make the best selling list, while the one’s with the most blatant disregard for intelligence (like Heaven is for Real) make millions. The fact that these books, which lack any solid truth, are so popular is evidence enough that our Christian culture is becoming less intelligent.

The reason these books are so dangerous is because the more they sell, the more people will keep writing them. And the more they keep hitting number one on the best selling list, the more stupid people will become.

Where is the Pursuit of Truth?

What’s the reason for reading? Information? Information is just knowledge. Paul tells us in I Corinthians 8:1 that knowledge puffs up, which laid the foundation for foolish disagreements and division in the church. So why do we read books? For wisdom! But wisdom is only achieved through the exercise of discernment. So, if you’re not reading for discernment, then you’re not reading for wisdom. Christians today should concern themselves with the pursuit of truth and feel disgrace for the wanton disregard for critical thinking.


Sorry, no giveaway this week. Hopefully by next week I’ll have a positive review.

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2 Responses to Eye to Eye – A Book Review for the Burn Pile

  1. George brown says:

    This book has great value for Christians who believe in the relevance of scripture to contemporary life. Even those who don’t could profit from reading the introductory review of the history of the “Arab-Israel Conflict.”. A great deal of historic fact, favorable to Israel, is rarely talked about but essential to a balanced view. You “book burners” do violence to truth. Whatever doesn’t “fit” your chosen view is always “garbage” with nothing worth reading. By brother is just like you. I could almost believe he wrote this, except he does not claim to be a Chritian. You don’t allow your thinking to be challenged by inconvenient facts do you? Otherwise though, well written, obviously by someone with a significant (but guarded) intellect…like my dear brother.

  2. George brown says:

    (ADDENDUM). I failed to say I heartily agree with your 5 “facts” but must say regarding the 5th that, rather than interfere, Christians should pray for and “bless” Israel as prescribed in scripture. God WILL sovereignly sort it out at the end as is the subject of a great deal of scripture. We just don’t want to be found among those who learn to their eternal horror they promoted the wrong side as so much of the world’s nations and populace are prophetically predicted to do.

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