Desiring God

Yesterday I began the week by asking if we desire to know the truth. Today I continue the week by asking if we really desire God.

I’ve found in my life and ministry that desiring God is not just something that you either have or you don’t, it’s something that you are either doing or you aren’t. It’s a struggle, and in today’s society – which promotes retirement, rest, and relaxation – it is getting harder to stay on track.

As A.W. Tozer teaches in his book, The Pursuit of God, that our culture has cultivated a society of people with no desire to seek after God. Our churches are designed to make the Christian’s journey comfortable and easy. Though we are careful to speak on sin, it is often the sins that are outside of our inner circle which get the most coverage. When people are challenged to rethink the traditions or norms, you can see their true desire is to remain in stasis.

Last Thursday I discussed the importance of knowing God in faith. The word ‘faith‘ clearly represents our foundational beliefs, but it does more than that. Faith, though a gift from God, requires a great deal of exercise and refinement. There is no room to be a lazy Christian. Without struggle there is no balance.

So why is it so important that we seek after God? Those, like Tozer, who have sought hard after the Almighty are the only ones who understand the true blessing of delighting in God. The temptations of this life promise peace and happiness in everything that only brings more pain and turmoil. It was Jesus who said, “Follow after me, for my burden is light.” Only when you’ve experienced the true joy of delighting in God will you understand the reasoning for seeking after him. 

Sadly, not everyone understands what it really means to desire God. For years I challenged a friend to seek the LORD, and for years he assumed that he had always done so. It didn’t seem to mean much until one day when it all clicked. His eyes widened and his heart swelled as it became clear to him what it meant to truly delight in the Father. Those are the life changing moments that truly make a difference. I was 21. Some were much younger. But it is a necessary process for anyone who truly desires to know God.

So, in a world that tells us to calm down, settle into the routines of life, and plan for retirement, what are you doing to follow hard after God? What commitment do you have to spending time with your creator every day? Are you just living under the assumption that once you are saved, seeking the LORD is a natural function? Are you struggling in your faith?

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