Soapbox: Off the Reservation

Have you ever been down a dangerous path? If you saw someone else walking down that same path, do you think you’d warn them? I know I would. But people don’t take kindly to warnings when the path they are following is an idea, opinion, or emotionally charged issue.

I used to be severely unbalanced in my views. Though I am not perfect, I believe I’ve come to a better understanding of where I’ve been misguided. Recently I had a conversation with someone who was clearly where I had been long ago. They start off with a biblical principal, they get emotionally revved up, and then they get off the reservation to chase down an opinion that doesn’t carry the same weight of the biblical principle, yet they can’t see the difference. This is a logical fallacy, but for the most part the person arguing their point thinks it’s a solid argument.

I was sitting watching the discussion take an off-roading excursion right for the edge of a cliff and I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to shout out, “Hold up! You’re off the reservation. If we are going to start debating this topic we have to keep it within the parameters of concrete truth, not your subjective opinions.” But I did say a thing. I tried to be tactful and bring the discussion back around to the Bible, but the emotions, like the dark force, were too strong for a young padawan preacher to overpower.

I don’t think that people should give the same weight to their emotions and opinions that they give to their authority and facts. Yet, people seem to be unaffected by the facts when their emotions and opinions are in the way. While I can see that these opinions are minor in the larger scheme of things, the holder of these minor opinions holds them so high that they are unable to fellowship with other believers.

It seems we would be much more effective if we could unite our forces and attack the issues together. Unfortunately, all of the nonessential issues get in the way and keep us from working together. It’s like leading an army with factions going up against a unified force. An atheist once said, “Christians could be one of the most powerful forces to change our culture, but do you know why I’m not scared? They’ll never get together. And as long as their working against each other, they won’t be working against me.”

I hope you’ll join us at WOTG as we work together to unify people under truth not divide over opinion.

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