He Is…

Hebrews 11:6 ismy favorite verse. Each time I read it I am captivated by how much wisdom is stored in such a simple sentence. Today, my spirit lingered over the phrase, “He who comes to God must believe that He is.” Immediately I was struck with the question, “He is… what?” God is not subject to interpretation. He is because He exists.

When Moses asked God what authority he had to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites free, the voice of God cried out from the bush, “I AM who I AM.” What other authority did God need? When Jesus was facing accusations from the Jews, He said to them, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” Those who were questioning Him knew what this meant and they fumed with anger ready to stone Him for claiming to be God. But Jesus was God and is God and will continue to be God.

For any girl who dreams of her prince charming, when she gets to the place of marrying her husband she will have to reconcile that the man in her dreams is not the man in reality. It would be futile for her to continue the marriage with an imaginary opinion of her husband. Chick flicks and romance novels would only fuel her imagination. She would not know her husband, so how could she love him?

While this is a gross analogy, it depicts how we often approach knowing God. God is! That is to say, God exists. Because He exists, we can not make Him up as we go. He can only truly be known by that which He has revealed Himself – His Word. You cannot have an imagination of God and make it real anymore than you can bring flesh and bone to an imaginary friend.

What we know about God is found in His Word. He has personally written to us that we can know who He is. He wants to be known as we ourselves want to be known, he wants to be known in truth.

So in order to come to God, we must first believe that He is, that He exists, and that He is as He is described in His Word. This is the essence of seeking God. Not imagining Him, content with what we think of Him. But knowing Him for who He really is. That is the only way that we can truly worship God.

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