Soapbox: The Heart of the Issue

Chances are, you have strong opinions about Obamacare. Either you are strongly for it, strongly against it, or you’re apart of the 99% that don’t know anything about it (by which I mean most of those who are against it and for it). Both sides have strong arguments that are deeply motivated by emotions and spiritual concerns.

Lately I’ve heard some of these arguments on why Obamacare is awful, and I’ve heard some less than helpful reasons why we need it. Basically, the discussion over Obamacare has come down to dividing over differences without getting to the heart of the matter.

Examples of some arguments on the right…

“It’s just not a good thing.”
“I don’t want government telling me that I need to buy insurance.”
“Don’t take my money by force to help those in need.”

Examples of some arguments I’ve heard on the left…

“Millions of people don’t have health insurance.”
“I couldn’t afford health insurance because living in NYC was too expensive.”
“I can’t afford to pay for my own birth control.”

While I understand that Facebook is not a collegiate forum for intellectuals, I’m starting to get annoyed with seeing these arguments on my Facebook feed, followed by their counter attacks. These are not solid arguments. I could tear each one of them apart with my hands tied behind my back. We’re arguing over something far removed from the heart of the matter.

The real problem is between big government and small government. If you are for big government, make your case for why a bigger government is essential for the healthcare of American citizens. Prove that socialized medicine is the best for everyone and won’t destroy our economy. Don’t attack conservatives by suggesting that they don’t care for the sick and the poor. Don’t quote Jesus on social justices and deny Him for His teaching on morality. Don’t make a case that people with money are dutifully bound to make your life easier by providing you with the conveniences your selfish life requires. Read the constitution.

On the other hand, if you are for smaller government, don’t say it’s not a good idea because you don’t like it. Educate yourself. Learn why big government is dangerous to the economy. Don’t support expansions of the federal government to make laws that protect conservative interests, fight to have congress make less laws that restrict our liberties. We’ve been around for a long time. Why all of a sudden do we need so many laws? Whatever you do, don’t open your mouth unless you have something intelligent to say. Stop the ad hominem arguments. Give up the straw men. Engage your brain and do a little research. Read the constitution.

But this isn’t just a problem in political circles, it’s a problem in theological circles as well. 

A while back I reviewed Answer’s in Genesis’s book Already Gone by Ken Ham. Well, they’ve come out with a sequel and they might just be beating a dead horse. The second book in the series is called Already Compromised and it’s about how Christian colleges are no longer teaching creationism. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Christian schools have, by-in-large, compromised over important doctrines, but I don’t think this is the center of the problem. The real problem is with the churches and parents who are depending on Christian schools to do the educating.

I honestly believe that if the devil can keep us fighting over the superficial issues, making statements that are emotionally charge and logically unfounded, we will continue to be the biggest detriment to our own causes.

Out of a hundred arguments, I may hear one that is well developed and grounded on intelligence. Whether culture dictates the media or the media dictates culture, one thing is clear, the media can not be trusted as a reliable source.

The greatest thing that is lacking in the information age is discernment. It is almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with anyone anymore without them making some unfounded argument.

I realize that I’m not exempt from this discussion, but as one who has recognized the problem, I am looking for people who are focused enough to strive to improve themselves.

A few other arguments I didn’t have time to address…

The argument: Christians aren’t allowed to pray in public schools.
The real problem: The education model is flawed and probably should be forefitted altogether.

The argument: Politicians are using swear words to promote their campaign and attack the media.
The real problem: Politicians are getting us focused on the superficial issues to distract us from the policies we should be concerned about.

The argument: Joseph Kony is a bad person and needs to be stopped.
The real problem: Central Africa doesn’t have any good leaders and American involvement would probably only make things worse.

The argument: Rush Limbaugh calls a girl a slut on his radio program.
The real problem: Why is anyone still listening to Rush?

I digress…

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