“Greatest” Friday

What is so good about Good Friday? When I was a child this used to confuse me every year. The simple answers never satisfied me. It was a terrible thing that Jesus had to die. I felt as though we should spend the day in serious retrospection as we pondered the sacrifice that was made: How disgusting the sin of mankind is to the nostrils of God, how the only choice for the punishment of these sins was for the Messiah to die, and how on that cross the Father turned His back on the Son. Thinking of it in that regard, we ought to spend some time in quiet solitude, reflecting on our own need for propitiation.

My mind wanders as I think of those who lived through those events leading up to the cross and the quiet days that followed. I think about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and all of the disciples who couldn’t put the moment into perspective. The ran in fear, wept and pleaded, mourned and hid. They didn’t fully understand what was so important about that day.

Because of Christ’s death, we have the greatest news in all of creation: Christ died to set men free. Today we rejoice because we celebrate the greatest victory over the greatest evil mankind has ever faced. We can sing and we can dance because we have been set free from an evil slave master of sin. We have been bought with a very high price, but now we belong to the greatest Master who cares for us more than anyone else ever could. The death of Christ marks the moment God conquered sin.

Just as we celebrate important military victories, we can celebrate the greatest spiritual victory there ever was. We shouldn’t overlook the darkness of that day, but we can’t help but rejoice with all of the angles in heaven that we have a mediator making things right with us and our heavenly Father.

Proclaim the good news and celebrate your freedom.

To God be the glory.

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2 Responses to “Greatest” Friday

  1. Merle D. Brown says:

    Despite the shaming and suffering leading to the death of the Messiah only those who have benefited from the salvation form the condemnation of sin His blood atoned can actually realize that the “Friday” was good. Could we say, “…it was the only ‘black’ Friday of any significance…?”

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