Soapbox: You Just Read An Article Online…

So, you just read an article online. Apparently the economy isn’t as bad as you thought, or it’s worse, depending on where you read it. There’s a link to share if you liked it. You did so you click it. You glance over a Twitter link that everyone is sharing. It must be breaking news and everyone needs to know about it. You re-tweet it.  The man on the radio told you he uses Suave shampoo even though he’s bald. Maybe that will help give you more volume. You store a mental not for the next time you’re at Walmart. You just saw on Facebook that one of your friends supports Ron Paul. Isn’t he out of the race already? You thought you saw that in the news somewhere. Your friend must be confused. You go about your business. It’s just another Friday.

Check Yourself
How do you know if someone is being honest with you? I know, this is a ridiculous question because you hardly ever question people’s good intentions. If someone says something contradictory to what you have thought all along, they must be lying. You, being the perfectly natured scholar of all things, have no reason to check your own premises. You only need to check your gut to find the unadulterated truth. But what about all of those people who, based on their own premises, called for Jesus to be killed? You don’t want to think about that.

Listen to Your Heart Strings
Surely You can trust the good intentions of those involved in social justices. They are driven by compassion and love for the needs of the hurting and forgotten. Certainly such good intentions could never lead you astray. Nobody making a profit from non-profits, right? No one would ever take advantage of your good graces. Those insensitive jerks who put in their two cents have no compassion or concern for the poor. Conservatives are only interested in protecting their assets and refuse to pay more taxes in order to help those without health insurance.

Confirmation Bias
You can just ignore the people that say the things you don’t like to hear. It’s easy these days. You can just switch the channel from Fox to CNN. At this point you’re bound to get more balanced journalism. But by just listening to the people you want to hear, are you really hearing anything you don’t already know or didn’t already suspect? The journalist seem to agree with your gut check and sneaky suspicion, and if they bring on someone who doesn’t agree with them, they usually make him out to be a fool and they certainly retain the right to the last word. They would never lead you astray. They’re too much like yourself.

Authorities on the Subject
It’s a good thing, then, that you have such trusted authorities on the subjects you don’t have the time to research yourself. When you want to know the temperature on racial issues, you can always turn to Al Sharpton. Scientist would never be swayed by petty biases to suggest something is a fact when they can’t actually prove it. Certainly, the best person to ask about the political policies of Ron Paul would be a Neo-Conservative Lobbyist. That’s their expertise, right? Why shouldn’t you trust them? They certainly know more than you.

If a politician runs on a platform of lowering taxes, resolving the debt crisis, and eliminating the tax code, you can be sure that their intentions are in the right place, right? I mean, there are a lot of incentives for politicians to cut back on their own budget, give up their programs, and clarify how your taxes work, because they have your best interest at heart.  You voted them in, and they answer to you. Why wouldn’t they respect your best wishes?

What Do You Have to Worry About? 
I would hope that you are much wiser than that, but the reality is that you probably aren’t the best at discerning the truth on your own, you haven’t been the best student of history, and you certainly aren’t concerned with complicated subjects like economics. But what do you have to worry about? You live in the greatest country in the world. A Christian country at that. You’ve got everything you need and no one can take away your freedom and liberty, right?

So you just read an article online. There’s a link to share if you like it. You don’t.

It’s just another Friday. You go about your business.



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