Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Worthy of the Gospel exists to bring glory to God in every facet of life; to seek out how every situation a believer faces, from church to work and hobbies to ministry, they can give reverence to the Almighty; to encourage believers to love and pursue God with passion, devotion, and discipline.

Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ… (Philippians 1:27 ESV)



Worthy of the Gospel exist to inform people about truth; to explain the difference between objective and subjective truth; to instruct on how to determine concrete evidence and differentiate abstract ideas; to explore how truth is perceived, received, and achieved; to encourage others to boldly interact with others holding different views in a meek and gentle approach; to help others gain knowledge, exercise wisdom, and practice discernment; to direct people to appeal to authority, live by principles, tolerate values, and dispel prejudice.

Spiritual Development

Worthy of the Gospel exists to challenge people to seek the LORD, delight in Christ, and acknowledge the Holy Spirit by investing in their own spiritual growth. We desire to teach people how to study the Bible, understand it’s meaning, and apply these truths to their lives. Our aim is to help people personalize their faith by working out their own salvation with fear and trembling.


Worthy of the Gospel exists to declare the work of Jesus Christ and instill a passion for evangelism in the lives of fellow believers. We desire to encourage believers to be both salt and light by living a life worthy of the gospel as beacons of grace and mercy and by infiltrating and influencing culture as members of society. We hold to the sufficiency of the gospel to change lives and culture through the redemptive power of the cross. We attempt to instill Christ-centered, gospel-focused living, worship, and proclamation to promote holiness in the life of a believer.