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Once I ate four brussell sprouts just to say that I could actually do it. O.K. I lied. I only managed to eat two.

Why Ideas Matter: Von Mises and Meaning in History

This blog post will be a bit different, as it’s just a paper that I wrote for my Epistemology class about Ludwig von Mises’ Theory and History. Although von Mises writes from a particularly secular viewpoint, I find his perspective on … Continue reading

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Why my life is not a model for Evangelism.

I was recently dialoging with someone who claimed, very sincerely, that evangelism isn’t about convincing someone to be saved, but rather that it was to make a declaration of what Jesus had done in her life. “When I show the … Continue reading

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The Influence of Government – Peace

We’ve already determined that the government has a role within the biblical worldview, both in terms of administering justice and promoting prosperity for it’s citizens. Today, we will examine the government’s role in promoting peace. The most sound argument from … Continue reading

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The Influence of Government – Prosperity (Excerpt)

by Micah Lovell This is an excerpt of a larger article about the government’s role in prosperity to be released later  in the coming weeks. Just as we observed last week, governments are established by God and exist for the … Continue reading

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The Influence of Government – Justice

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by Micah Lovell Christianity and politics are strange bedfellows at this current juncture in history. The relationship between them is one of two things; they are either disillusioned by politics and think of it as a whole as worth little … Continue reading

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