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Soapbox: The Real Reason Your Church is Dying

I’ve watched over the years as churches will do everything they can to save their dying congregations. Some will attempt a new building program. Others will try to contemporize their services. Usually they imitate something a successful church is doing; which the … Continue reading

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Who Are You Preaching At?

One of my tendencies in preaching is to go over the heads of the people in the audience. I tend to use complex terms and philosophical arguments that warrant blank stares on those listening. I’ve had to combat this and … Continue reading

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The most provocative subject material of 2011 on WOTG was my article on homosexuality.  This was part of a series entitled Mishandeld where I dealt with several topics that Christians have typically misrepresented. Obviously, this is a hotbed of diversive positions across political parties, but it … Continue reading

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Mishandled – Homosexuality

Editor’s note: This article has been updated in the post Homosexuality.  ————————————————————————————————————- This is an extremely sensitive subject. There are some strong voices on both sides of the issue. But what is the issue? What are we fighting about? “Homosexuality … Continue reading

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