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Everyone has inconsistencies. My parents wouldn’t let me listen to Contemporary Christian Music growing up but I was allowed to listen to the oldies. As long as it wasn’t new, and the artists didn’t have long hair, I was good. … Continue reading

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Looking Like Christ vs. Looking Like Christians

What does the perfect Christian look like? Based on your preconceived notions, that person would look different to each individual. Maybe it would look something similar to the image you see in the mirror every morning (without the bed head). … Continue reading

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Opinions are Like the Nose on Your Face…

…everyone has one. (Thanks, Brent, for this Quib) The statement is true. Everyone has something to bring to the discussion. They may not speak up, but you know they’re thinking something. It has always intrigued me how different we are … Continue reading

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Frustration at the Gas Pump

Just a little rant on gas station technology. Has anyone else noticed the rising amount of frustration at the gas pump? And I’m not talking about the prices either. I’m talking about how slow and annoying the computer systems are … Continue reading

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“Insert Provocative Subject Title Here”

It seems that yesterday’s post got a lot of hits (Even with a typo in the title), but no one felt the need to comment on it. I guess I can’t be surprised. People are attracted to provocative arguments, but … Continue reading

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