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Soapbox: Off the Reservation

Have you ever been down a dangerous path? If you saw someone else walking down that same path, do you think you’d warn them? I know I would. But people don’t take kindly to warnings when the path they are … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Building a definitive argument – How to Detect Logical Fallacies

The more I read, the more I write, and the more I converse with people, the more I am convinced that people do not know how to develop a definitive argument. I’ll get into a discussion with people about subjects … Continue reading

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Sermonette: SPECIAL BONUS ROUND – two for the price of one

Why can’t there be six Sundays in January? I have so many Sermonettes that I wish I could have shared with you all from Romans. (I’ve got to say that Sunday is my favorite day for posting.) I really couldn’t … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Discernment vs. Acceptance

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It has been an interesting past two weeks. For starters we got a letter at my ministry (Songtime) which suggested we were teaching a false gospel because of a testimony we sent out where the woman said that she had … Continue reading

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Weak in the Faith, Strong on the Law

The most popular series on WOTG in 2011 has been the five part exposition I did on Romans 14 as part of my Mishandled series entitled The Weaker Brother, The Weaker Brother part 2, Opinions, Stumbling block, and The Bigger Person. Seeing … Continue reading

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