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Why Did a Perfect God Allow Sin?

This is not a new question to the generations of today. This has been asked all across time, but it is important that we know the answer. Many people have had their faith challenged by this somewhat daunting question. God … Continue reading

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Education: Private/Christian Schools

The second form of education we will be covering this week is the Private School system. ‘Private School’ can mean a lot of different things covering a broad spectrum from charter schools that are basically public, to all boy or … Continue reading

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Already Gone – Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It

Among the plethora of books being written today about why the church is losing the next generation, none will have as wide of a distribution and as high of an approval rating as Already Gone from Answers in Genesis’ (AIG) founder … Continue reading

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I’m Glad I Don’t Work for the IRS

Have you ever considered how privileged you are to be born in America, a hard working country built on a solid biblical foundation. Every day people are dying to get into this country because we are the best. Aren’t you proud to … Continue reading

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The United States of YOU!

What if God were to speak to you and tell you that He was sick and tired of the state of affairs in America. He was finished with trying to reform a people who wanted nothing to do with Him.. … Continue reading

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