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Already Gone – Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It

Among the plethora of books being written today about why the church is losing the next generation, none will have as wide of a distribution and as high of an approval rating as Already Gone from Answers in Genesis’ (AIG) founder … Continue reading

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Everyone has inconsistencies. My parents wouldn’t let me listen to Contemporary Christian Music growing up but I was allowed to listen to the oldies. As long as it wasn’t new, and the artists didn’t have long hair, I was good. … Continue reading

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Missions to Kenya – Amanda Underwood

I’m devoting Wednesdays (until I decide otherwise) as my chance to break away from the theme for the week to bring awareness to things I find valuable, wether they be a book, album, movie, or ministry. Today I want to … Continue reading

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The Reason Youth are Abandoning the Church (Principles #3 and #4)

One of the reasons I believe we are losing so many young people in the church today is because they don’t feel entrusted, engaged, or encouraged. There are no peers set up as leaders. Instead they are discredited, scolded, and … Continue reading

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The Reason Society is Corrupt (Principle #2)

Let’s face it, society is evil and corrupt. How did it get this way? America was founded on biblical principles. Right? When did we lose control? Those are some tough questions to ask, but when we look at judges we … Continue reading

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