School is good for… (by Brent Sears)

Giving you an excuse to not do something productive

Creating a track to follow

Earning a degree, certificate, or title

Making sure you fit the standard (do you know the people who set the standard?)

Making you feel safe

Giving you a sense of being part of a learning community

Teaching lots of concepts and a few tactics here and there

Giving us a measure of where we stand in relations to those around us

Allowing us to hid in the crowd while we figure out what to do next

Creating a lot of jobs

Generating debt…student load debt is now higher than credit card debt in the US

Introducing you to new friends

Creating opportunities to learn outside of academics

Teaching you to obey

Are the skills being taught in whatever school of study worth the cost – financial, emotional, relational, and spiritual? If so, then by all mean, GO! 

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