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Soapbox: If You Love Jesus, You’ll Share This Post

Have you noticed all of the people sharing links with the tag, “If you love Jesus…”? Or maybe you’ve seen people sharing twenty pictures a day on their Facebook wall, all of them with cats, crosses, or clouds and some … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Christians and Art

On Wednesday I was writing a review for a musical album (which I highly recommend) and I got onto a rabbit trail about how many Christians view art. I realized that “Review Wednesday” was probably not the best place for … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Discernment vs. Acceptance

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It has been an interesting past two weeks. For starters we got a letter at my ministry (Songtime) which suggested we were teaching a false gospel because of a testimony we sent out where the woman said that she had … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Growing Up but Not Growing Out

This is a usual problem among churches these days. I’ve seen it happen more often than not. A church with about 350 seats will usually grow to about 275 members and then the evangelistic fervor slows to a stop leaving … Continue reading

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Consider dry cement. Alone it’s nothing. Combine it with water and you have a substance as hard as rock. By themselves they’re not very stable, but combine them and you have a sure foundation. Half truths are a lot like … Continue reading

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