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How You Read The Bible Matters

For Christians, the Bible is the final authority and contains everything that is essential for life and practice. The Bible is held in the highest regard as the very Word of God. It is revered by more people than any … Continue reading

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A Prerequisite to Knowing God – Trust

Today we are going to be discussions the third part of the series on prerequisites of knowing God. Technically, we could have begun with any of the three points and ended with any of them. There is a sense where … Continue reading

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Soapbox: Comparing the Bible and the US Constitution

Similarities between the Bible and the US Constitution Both are standards for laws and ethics They are sources of authority Politicians swear on both of them Liberals misinterpret them Conservatives over-analyze them Both were written by men who fear the Judeo Christian … Continue reading

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A Basic Bible Study Method

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Understanding the Bible comes with a lifelong process of learning and studying. Many Christians think it is a mountain too tremendous to summit. It is often thought that studying the Bible is reserved for those pursuing full time ministry or those … Continue reading

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Mastering the Bible

by Trevor Marsteller  Perhaps the greatest trouble the Church faces in this age is a dearth of the knowledge of God. Adam was right to sound the alarm earlier this week. But am I talking about the same thing Adam … Continue reading

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