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Book Review: Comeback Churches, by Ed Stetzer

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For years I have been frustrated with the state of affairs in the Church of America. Many of the books I’ve read either portrayed a biblical picture of a healthy congregation, or warned about the undeniable statistics that many Churches … Continue reading

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Forms of Evangelism

Someone once told me that there was no such thing as bad evangelism. His perception was based on the understanding that as long as the gospel was going out, it was good. But when Paul said, “Whether in pretense or … Continue reading

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Why my life is not a model for Evangelism.

I was recently dialoging with someone who claimed, very sincerely, that evangelism isn’t about convincing someone to be saved, but rather that it was to make a declaration of what Jesus had done in her life. “When I show the … Continue reading

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The Four Pillars of the Church

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After looking at the authority for the church in the Christian’s life, it is important to consider the elements that make up the church. There are four basic essentials that sort of create the structure for this institution. They are … Continue reading

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Evangelism, Social Justice, and Politics

There are many passages of Scripture which offer definitive commands for the life of a believer on how they ought to interact with the world. Following the theme of this week’s ‘A Christian Balancing Act‘ it is important to consider … Continue reading

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