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Mishandled – The Weaker Brother (part 2)

After spending the weak thinking about it, I decided I didn’t give enough coverage to this issue last week and felt like it needed a second post. Last week I described the problem but I really didn’t go into explaining … Continue reading

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Mishandled – The Weaker Brother

In the next series of post I’m going to attempt to address what I would consider one of the most mishandled passages of Scripture within the evangelical fundamentalist movement. Romans 14 and 15 contains a very important principle that has … Continue reading

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Mishandled – Separation

How can a believer be in the world without being of the world? There is an important need for biblical separation to be taught in our churches, but what is biblical separation and how does it relate to the world? … Continue reading

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Mishandled – Worldliness

Last week I explained that the Bible describes ‘worldliness’ as sin, but what is worldliness? Many different Christians have contrasting ideas of what worldliness is. There are extremes all the way from the Amish to the churches that meet in … Continue reading

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